“We hired Monica to explore various designs for a bath and kitchen remodel we anticipated. After visits to our house, patiently looking over photos we had collected, and having long “what if” conversations in front of her computer, she was able to provide several scale drawings of possibilities for both rooms.

She introduced us to a contractor with whom she has worked many times. We did hire his company and his review of the project,cost projections, and eventual demolition and construction were all excellent too. Monica’s oversight of the actual work was a real value-add in the project. Her supervision and relationship with the contractor assured things were done right and when improvements were needed, she got them done.

We often wondered if Monica spent as much time as she did with us with all of her customers. Simply, she was available whenever we needed her advice or opinion. She was at the house many times, visited tile and stone stores with us, helped select appliances and work through the many additional design and product decisions that went into the final project.

To say we were thrilled with the outcome is an understatement. It was obvious during the process that Monica developed an attachment to the project too. It was an expression of her professional eye and hard work. We knew we had made a friend along the way that we’d trust with any future work we might undertake at our house.”


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